Drafted in response to the first multi-partner Zoom meeting called by Pilgrimage for COP26 in June 2021.

We commit to practicing: 

Non-violence & Ecological thinking

We will seek to meet people and places with deep respect and leave only positive traces.

Humility & Curiosity 

We know we don’t have all the answers to the crises we’re facing but we embrace the questions with humility and curiosity. 

Hope & Imagination 

We walk in hope, with creativity and vision, open to what we don’t know, willing to take appropriate risks.

Accessibility & Inclusivity 

We regret that the act of long-distance walking will exclude those of us who are less mobile or have caring or other responsibilities at home. We strive to make it possible to join the pilgrimage at key points en route: specifically Dunbar, Edinburgh, Falkirk and Glasgow. Where possible we aim to provide basic accommodation for all walkers.

Holding diversity 

We commit to listening to and being alongside one another, especially across differences. 

Collective Care 

We commit to caring for each other, asking for what we need and giving what we can.

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