Cultural Partners

En route interpretation and peer-learning will be provided by an emerging community of peer-educators and cultural partners. These include arts and cultural organisations, interfaith communities, educational institutions, and grass roots community activists.

While the programme is still being developed – and remains open to other partners – we can currently confirm the following partners and engagement activities.

Bioregioning Clydeside: sharing perspectives on bioregionalism and walking us into Glasgow on the 29th Oct.

Ceilidh Collective: Pilgrims’ Climate Cabaret Ceilidh on the 22nd Oct.

COP26 Coalition: Various activities organised in the run-up to and throughout COP26.

Deep Time Walk Project: Developing ecological content related to deep time to assist interpretative engagement en route – includes a deep time immersion day on the 24th Oct.

Eco Art Scotland: Promoting the pilgrimage within the eco art network and developing follow-up activities to support an emerging community of cultural adaptation.

Eco-Congregations Scotland: Encouraging churches to offer hospitality and share stories of social and ecological change en route.

Extinction Rebellion Scotland: Sharing creative inspiration and offering logistical support in Glasgow on the 30th Oct. (Note: no additional XR actions are planned as part of the pilgrimage.)

Interfaith EdinburghGlasgow and Scotland: Offering insights from different faith traditions as part of the our engagement in Edinburgh on the 23rd Oct and in Glasgow on the 29th and 31st Oct.

John Muir’s Birthplace: Liaising with the wider John Muir network and developing learning content for the journey – specifically for the 17th and 18th Oct.

John Muir Trust: pending update.

Kinetika: Bringing 500 pennant flags to walk with the pilgrims, running workshops and developing legacy outcomes for the pilgrimage.

Protest in Harmony: Collaborating with other radical singers and singing groups to share songs by environmental activists – includes a workshop on the 21st Oct.

North Light Arts: Lighting the first beacon and co-curating the first three days of the walk from Dunbar to Edinburgh. Includes partnership working with East Lothian Council, Sustaining DunbarBattery Theatre CompanyFriends of John Muir’s BirthplaceNatalie Taylor (as Join Muir Fellow), and a talk by Alastair MacIntosh.

Scottish Dance Theatre: Practice-based research to develop online material exploring the concept of deep time, to be shared in October and further developed as a legacy project for the pilgrimage.

Scottish Episcopal Church (represented by St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh): Supporting the pilgrimage with the offer of networked accommodation and providing engagement en route – includes collaborative engagement with YCCN on the 22nd Oct.

Sharing Not Hoarding: Billboard exhibitions in Dundee depicting pilgrims walking with enlightened teachers – both human and the more-than-human – as part of a legacy project for the pilgrimage.

Society of Friends (Quakers in Scotland): Offering hospitality en route, developing learning content for the journey and co-hosting a final event on 31st Oct.

Stitches for Survival: Offering craftivist engagement before, during and after the pilgrimage.

Walker and Bromwich: Working to integrate the Serpent of Capitalism into our Glasgow programme. (Thanks to initial conversations with Culture Perth and Kinross.)

WCCM: Sharing meditation techniques with climate activists to support their engagement on the 17th and 22nd Oct.

For more information and to get involved see the drop down boxes that accompany this link or click here: main page // cultural partners // route // programme // values // revised statement // sign-up.


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